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Hands up if you're a coffee lover? Not me, in fact I don't even drink it. My husband on the other hand, he's a coffee connoisseur. Obsessed is an understatement! I have always had a fascination with teapots and teacups. Again, I`m not a big tea drinker, lucky to have a cup or two every few months, but for as long as I can remember Ive loved to collect pots. So without a doubt, we had to have a coffee/tea station.

We have a butler's pantry that is connected to our kitchen, right beside our walk in pantry. It has a sink so I wanted to transform it into a space that would be used for all things beverages and breakfast. This is how my smoothie station and breakfast bar came to life.

I wanted to maximise the space in the cupboards so I worked closely with Tanya from Tansel Storage to plan our storage and we came up with a 3 basket pull out system that maximised 30% of the space. It was perfect. I turned one side of the pantry into coffee and tea with a teapot display. In the cupboard I had top row dedicated to coffee mugs, 2nd was a complete tea station with a selection of teacups and a variety of teas to suit every taste bud. The bottom basket we created to be deeper to store all the extras and refills. Here we have spare tea, coffee, all of our ling life milk etc. This cupboard is only accessed for coffee and tea.

4 teacups on the right side of 2nd shelf from Maisie & Clare

On the other side I've created a breakfast bar which has the toaster, bread basket and the kids babycook. The baskets below are used for extra storage, housing all of my mismatched platters, ramekins, extra large grazing boards and fancy bowls etc.

Beside it I have a smoothie station where my blender is along with the basic smoothie products used. The baskets below have all of our smoothie bowls and our special utensils and extra dinner sets and my obsession with glass decor containers. These baskets have been the best thing we have ever installed. They were super easy to install and have changed our lives. No more bending over and crawling into cupboards to find anything. A simple pull out of the drawer and everything is visible. I absolutely recommend everyone consider this storage solution!

This space was absolutely necessary as it separated the daily chaos of breakfast and coffee making which happens so often in our house. I prepare the morning meals in here and keep the main kitchen clean.

Again, tops shelves that would otherwise have stayed empty were used as decorative shelves to add a bit of warmth and a touch of pretty. We love this space and use it daily.

custom stainless steel drawers: Tansel Storage

coffee jars: Little Label Co

Smoothie machine: Froothie

4 teacups: Maisie & Clare

teacup and saucer: Figs & Feta

artwork: Sproutgallery

Photography: Light Gloss

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