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Having a baby can be the most exciting, yet the most overwhelming and daunting time of your life. We get so excited to meet the baby and create memories but getting organised and knowing what to buy, especially as first time parents can get a bit much. I've created a checklist of things for mum, bubs and home that I've used and loved as well as things I tried in my third pregnancy. Hopefully this can help take the pressure off you once baby brain kicks in and you forget what you need.

For Mumma's hospital stay:

Zoono baby hand sanitiser: This is an absolute must! I don't know about you, but nobody is touching my brand new baby with their un-sanitised hands. This natural sanitiser is made specifically for sensitive skin and also has a 24hr antimicrobial coating to protect them for the germs that come with multiple visitors. Get yours here. Use my discount code: BELLE for 20% off.

Maternity leggings - A must for every expecting mum during and post pregnancy. They are so comfy and hold everything in and stretches as your belly grows. I personally loved wearing the belly bandit leggings.

Belly bandit - Post birth these are a great way to tuck your tummy back to shape. This particular brand I have is worn for 12 weeks after birth and helps push the stomach back into shape.

Ice packs - BodyIce Woman. Many people graze or tear after birth and it can be painful. Body Ice Woman helps relieve sore breasts as well as the lower region with their clever ice packs. They work hot or cold so perfect for mastitis prone Mammas too.

Nipple cream: breastfeeding isn't easy for all and this is a must. There is nothing worse than dry, cracked and painful nipples. Lansinoh is a great brand that I have personally used to relieve the pain.

Nipple shields: for the tough breastfeeding beginning, these save your poor nipples. Make sure you get your correct size as they need to cover your whole ariola. I've personally used the medala brand and they worked fine.

Maternity pads (with wings) you will go through these so quickly haha so buy a few packs to save you the multiple trips! Some people use the adult nappies which I've heard work just as well.

Breast pads - These come in either disposal or reusable fabric.

Snacks: YES! Snacks are a must have. My husband ate my food during labour lol so pack delicious snacks to get you by

TENS machine: I highly recommend a Tens machine for anyone that is wanting a drug free birth. I have used i for the last 2 pregnancies and I swear by it. The pain was reduced dramatically when I used it. Tens Australia was the brand I hired from the hospital. Do some research and see if it suits you.

Don't forget to pack these:

- Phone Charger

- Slippers

- Toiletries

- A comfortable nightie for labour

- Pyjamas

- High waisted underwear

- Non slip socks

- Breastfeeding Vitamins

- Ural for after birth

- Laxatives or stool softener

- Shampoo/conditioner/body wash

- Hair brush

- Hair ties

- Hair dryer/straightener

- Deodorant/perfume

- An outfit for dad to change into after labour

- Going home clothes

For Babie's hospital stay:

A hospital bag: I have found the perfect hospital bag from Storkaus. It has compartments that fit absolutely everything I need for the baby hospital stay. I pack all items categorised in silicon bags (from ebay) for easy access. View my bag here.

Zoono water Wipes: These are a must for new bubs with such sensitive skin. I always use water wipes for newborns and my choice is Zoono. They have a 24hr antimicrobial coating and are water based which is perfect for sensitive bubbas. Get yours here. Use my discount code: BELLE for 20% off

Outfits: I choose 3 sizes as we can never predict the size of the baby. I pack 1x 00000 outfit, 2x 0000 outfits, 2x 000 outfits, complete with undergarments, nappies, headband and bibs so it is easy to access without hassle. I also pack a going home outfit, 1 cardigan in case it is cold, 2 beanies and 1 pair of socks. my daughter was born bigger than my other kids and still wears 00000 and 0000 which is loose so I would say up to 4kg still pack 0000.

Swaddles & Blankets: I pack 2 swaddles for cute images and 1 blanket for the trip home. The brands I had chosen were Heritage blankets for beautiful feminine wraps and Jujo Baby for beautiful blankets.

Other item to remember to pack:

- Nappies

- Burp cloths

- Comforter if you plan on using one

- Dummy or bottle if you are offering them to bubs

- Towel

- Baby Shampoo/wash I use Chamonix Rain organics

- Sudocreme and or Bepanthen although you probably wont need these in the hospital

- Socks if your onesies are footless

- Beanies

Back Home for bubs:

Love to Dream Swaddle - I hadn't used these for my first two, but planned on using them this time round. I have heard they are amazing and help with babies that hate being swaddled and their arms aren't restricted by their sides. Both of my kids hated swaddling so I was excited to try these. Since arriving home from hospital, I have found them AMAZING! My baby, like her sisters was not fond of swaddling so when I put the love to dream on she has slept so much longer. I highly recommend them. It keeps them snug but they aren't restricted and can still move their arms.

Thermometer - I personally prefer an old fashioned thermometer under the arms over all the new fancy ones.

Moisturiser: I personally use warm olive oil for babies as it is natural and gentle and does an amazing job.

- Olive oil or coconut oil for cradle cap and as an all over body oil

- Nail clippers

- Baby comb

- Bibs

- Face Washers

- Baby Panadol/ Dymadon/Nurofen

- Teething powder/ Natural gel

For the home:

Strucket: I believe this is a must for first time parents as well as multiple kids. Poonamis are a constant battle with newborns and nobody wants to touch poo! The beauty about this genius creation is you can soak it and drain it, ready for the washing machine without touching any smelly water.They make the perfect baby shower gift and are available in pink, blue, teal and grey. I believe every household needs a strucket. View the strucket here.

Baby bath: I use the Shnuggle bath and stand from The stork nest. It has been great and so easy to clean. Use my code: BELLE for 15% off here.

Bassinet: I have the Shnuggle bassinet from The Stork Nest. This has been the best bassinet I have ever used. I use the Baby Cocoon inside it and Miss A sleeps beautifully in it. Use my code: BELLE for 15% off here

Hammock: I have the Ambi Baby Hammock. it helps with reflux and is so beautiful. view it here

Baby Nest: I have the Cam Cam brand from Nordulife.

Change Mat: I have the Cam Cam brand from NorduLife.

Bouncer: I have the Baby Bjorn bouncer and love it. I used it with my 2nd daughter. I also have their baby carrier which is a must have for short trips and settling a clingy baby.

I hope this was helpful for expecting Mammas that have baby brain like me haha. We always forget things so it is good to have a checklist to refer to.

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