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Miss A's Nursery

It seems like only yesterday I was styling Miss S' nursery, yet here I am, possibly for the last time, styling a space for our newest addition to the family, Miss A.

I always thought having 3 girls would be easy from a styling perspective but boy was i wrong. I wanted 3 different nurseries and there are limited products on the market, making it a little challenging. For this nursery i really wanted a whimsical and very girly space with less raw timber and more white, so that is exactly what I created.

Welcome to Miss A's nursery......

I'm sure you've noticed that the wallpaper is the main feature of this room. I had a vision in my head and I searched the internet for days until I stumbled across the most beautiful wallpaper and had to have it. Luckily I very quickly figured out that the amazing Sian Zeng manufacture it so I ordered it and am I so glad I did. It is old school wallpaper, glue and all so hubby and I installed it together which was so much fun. We decided to keep hubby's feature wall an painted it white.

This room is the largest and the layout is slightly easier to work with which meant I didn't have to hold back on large furniture pieces or worry about space. I chose Quirky Bubba furniture as they had a Hamptons style cot which tied in perfectly with the rest of my house and a bonus it was white! Unlike my previous cot (another brand), this one is lower, making it easier to transfer the baby. My previous cot served no purpose other than looks because it was so high without adjustable sides you either had to throw the baby in and wish for the best, or have a step adder on hand and I didn't want to do either. The bottom drawer is huge and I store all the extra bed linen in it for convenience.

I wanted the bedding to tie in with the theme and luckily I found the perfect set that matched the wallpaper at Haven interiors and lifestyle and I absolutely love them. I added a touch of floral and girliness with the beautiful blankets from Heritage Blankets. And the feature hand knitted blanket from Grandmarooknits just added a touch of texture which finished off this corner beautifully.

The beautiful Nordlifeau baby nest fits perfectly in the cot for day naps and moved around for tummy time.

I searched high and low for a pink but subtle yet statement rug and I knew I could count on The Rug Lady to deliver. It was meant to be. The perfect shade of pink that just worked so well in the space. So soft and beautiful.

My favourite corner of the room would have to be this feeding nook. I was so lucky to find the most beautiful chair from Plush Think Sofas. It isn't too high and it swivels so no more breaking my arms rocking the baby! It is the Napa petite which is so so comfy I can sleep on it! Paired with a Black Mango floor lamp that I painted white and a Luvi Shell personalised cushion, this corner is complete. I also hung a beautiful handmade swing from Sonny and the dolls in the same fabric for Miss A so we can swivel and swing together.

I've had this chest or drawers since I styled Miss T's nursery 7yrs ago and I can't part with it so all my girls have had it feature in their spaces. It's a statement on its own but complimented here by the gorgeous Devine Design shelf that I decorated with hydrangeas to tie in the theme of the house but in pink! It houses my special clothing pieces such as Jujo Baby and decor pieces from Head in the clouds studio, Little label co and perlplex, haven interiors and lifestyle and the gorgeous little custom creations butterflies. I turned it into a change table simply by adding the Nordlifeau change mat and the Stork Nest nappy pail.

And last but not least is the bookshelf corner from Quirky Bubba which serves 2 purposes. It is a decor corner, but the storage base has all of Miss A's toys and items she wont use until she is a little older so they are neatly packed but within reach. The book collection has begun with some of our favourites from Adored Illustrations and Haven interiors and lifestyle neatly styled in a beautiful custom made Woodlandsend bookend to suit the room. Decor pieces included the gorgeous mini suitcases from Little Dreamers Interiors and a beautiful Spinkie baby doll. Her room is made a little more special with the Elok Store beaded chandelier which I am obsessed with.

Overall, I am so happy with the outcome of this space. Considering I don't have anymore plans for any nursery installs, I am glad I did something completely different and exactly what I envisioned. Walking into this space, I feel a sense of calmness and at peace and I cannot wait for Miss A to start enjoying her room once shes out of the bassinet.

This beautiful hammock is from Amby Baby Hammocks.

I hope you love thiss room as much as I do.

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