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Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Ok, so by now I'm pretty sure you know that I like my fridge super organised, I mean who doesn't want to save time so they can spend it watching T.V whilst snacking? Not that it happens for me, LOL, more like more time to clean or feed the baby. But seriously, an organised fridge makes me happy.

I get so many messages daily about my fridge, mostly from curious people questioning why it's so neat and how food can possibly last that long cut up? So here I am, finally writing a blog to share with you all and answer all of your questions.

How did it all begin? We moved from our first home into a temporary rental 7months before we settled here and our fridge decided to die! great timing! Thanks to my husband's 4x4 obsession, we had a camping fridge which, surprisingly was a saviour. I very quickly learnt to live with minimal needs and organise and just deal until we had to replace it. Now, we were only meant to be in that house for a few weeks but unfortunately build time was extended (7months) so we took my brothers tiny and very crappy fridge when he upgraded, just to get us by. It did the job and for 7 months, I started to store things in containers neatly and thats when my meal prep journey began.

I would scribble weekly menus and it would satisfy me to cross meals off the list as I cooked, especially when it gave me extra time to spend with T. The baby wasn't yet born. Fast forward seven months and it was the happiest moment walking into the store and choosing my dream fridge. After sacrificing items that didn't fit in the previous fridge, I made sure I chose the biggest fridge that fit our space.

I then started collecting my glass Decor containers. I waited until they were half price at Big W and purchased a large selection that filled the fridge. I then started doing food prep testing and for several months I tested different fruits and veggies until I figured out what worked and what didn't. Once I was satisfied I purchased some more because I may or may not be slightly addicted haha!

I found my method worked for my family and it saved me so much time during the week. I am an extremely lazy grocery shopper and I tend to shop a week and skip 3, resulting in so much take away food so this was a must for us. I menu plan fortnightly and do weekly top up shops between. Everything lasts and stays fresh.

I know that so many people were extremely skeptical and to be honest, so was my own mother. Until she tried it herself. Let's just say, she should be a Decor brand rep hahaha, she has converted many people now, she's a true believer and the first member of the #Belletribe

I have so many questions about how to get started and I totally understand how overwhelming it can get, so I wrote you a step by step guide on getting fridge ready which will help you start your journey to a waste free fridge. You can download it by clicking HERE

Please don't forget to tag and hashtag your before and after, I love seeing what you create.

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