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Updated: Oct 29, 2019

This week we finally were able to reveal our beautiful new nursery, much to the delight of one exhausted and relieved hubby.

After many months of planning, ordering products, arranging, rearranging and then changing our mind yet again, I’m very proud to announce that we’re all delighted with the result.

Welcome to Sienah’s nursery :)

The first thing you’ll notice is the tranquil ambience of the room. We opted for a soft, calming presence that would be suitable for a young baby – who knows, maybe it will finally help her fall asleep! At the same time, we still wanted it to be trendy and girly; we decided the floral theme was the perfect way to achieve both. Needless to say, we’re both loving the final look.

The colour scheme was also crucial in maintaining the right feel for the room – too bright and the room wouldn’t feel tranquil. The soft grey, dusty pink and subtle touches of rose gold give the perfect mix of fashion and peacefulness and compliment the beautiful array of features in the room.

And those features!

Where to begin? A stunning set of items was carefully chosen to create the three perfect baby areas: a relaxing corner with a gorgeous rocking chair for mum and bub to unwind in style; a reading nook with a canopy where Sienah can enjoy her favourite bedtime stories, and of course the play gym and rocking sheep to compliment her new favourite play area. All of the items were meticulously chosen for their style and quality from an array of small businesses both within Australia and abroad – many of them handmade by extremely talented mums!

And the result… Well, the result speaks for itself really – breathtaking.

So why did we choose these products in particular? Apart from the look and quality and the fact that we love to support small businesses, particularly from other mums, there were also practical reasons. We’ve chosen products that Sienah can immediately enjoy (sometimes with the help of a parent), but which she can also continue enjoying as she grows. When she’s finally ready for a big girl’s room, our beautiful baby can continue loving her favourite items for many years to come.

Finally, we want to put out a huge thank you to all those wonderful stores who worked tirelessly with us to achieve the amazing finish that we did! It really was a large team effort (with 100 stores supplying products in the end!) and each store put so much love into the process.

I would highly recommend each of them in a heartbeat, but that’s a blog for another day ;)

To view the full gallery, click here


Peony Decals: www.instagram.com/rockymountaindecals

Timber Ruler: www.instagram.com/lepetitecadre

Paper Flowers: www.instagram.com/paperflowercreations

Star Cushion: www.instagram.com/macyhandmade

Knot Cushion: www.instagram.com/carinasknots

Macrame Mobile: www.instagram.com/indahmacrame

Pink Weave Hanging: www.instagram.com/houseof__hastings

Personalised Name Cushion: www.instagram.com/luvi_shell

Timber Name Plaque, coat hanger, newborn hanger: www.instagram.com/arrowsnroyals

Bunny Cushion: www.instagram.com/little_mackie

dusty pink garland: www.instagram.com/opalandrosedesigns

newborn sketch: www.instagram.com/aniky.aus

Timber shelf: www.instagram.com/essentiallyrawdesigns

Grey felt rug: www.instagram.com/keeksandchuck

Trunks: www.instagram.com/belleandcoliving

Rocking Chair: www.instagram.com/rockingbabychairs

Felt stars, clouds & bunny www.instagram.com/cherishedbymel

Knot Plait Cushion: www.instagram.com/stringalong___designs

Deer shelf: www.instagram.com/devine.design

Baby Journal & Keepsake box: www.instagram.com/writetome

Name Flag: www.instagram.com/thispaperbook

Romper & Onesie: www.instagram.com/tinythreads_

Cloud, Crown & Heart Cushions: www.instagram.com/pepperminttreecreations

Bedding Set: www.instagram.com/mini.madz.handmade

Night Light: www.instagram.com/littlebellelight

Pink Timber Fairy and Heart: www.instagram.com/willowsfairyworld

Headband Rack: www.instagram.com/mickeyandgrace

Initial Perfume Bottle: www.instagram.com/faith_laine

Shampoo, Bodywash & Moisturiser: www.instagram.com/chamonixrainorganics

Bow Headbands: www.instagram.com/little_raya_sunshine

Timber Cat Stacker: www.instagram.com/honeytreebaby

Play Mat Grey: www.milktooth.com.au

Blush Macrame Cushion: www.instagram.com/sea_tribe

Cloud Felt Rug www.instagram.com/cloud.den

Dusty Pink Towel & Mitton & Pink Sack: www.instagram.com/fabelabdk

Name Easel: www.instagram.com/head.in.the.clouds.creations

Dusty Pink Blanket: www.instagram.com/jujobaby

ABC book: www.instagram.com/unclebearskinproductions

Bow Chair, Lulu Doll, Dog Timber toy: www.instagram.com/dreamykidz

Lace Bibs: www.instagram.com/ninetoeasandco

Sequin Heart: www.instagram.com/woolandwillow

Rattles: www.instagram.com/lunastreasures

Round Felt Dusty Pink Cushion: www.instagram.com/oon_official

Bow Hooks: www.instagram.com/thatsmine.dk

Paper Houses: www.instagram.com/goldfrankincensemyrrh

Dusty Pink Play Mat: www.instagram.com/mylittlegiggles

Leaf Teether: www.instagram.com/hellolittlebead

Floral Headband: www.instagram.com/white_and_willow

Fawn Timber Shelfie: www.instagram.com/the3littlegingers

Initial Timber Cup: www.instagram.com/banksialane

Pixie Sticks: www.instagram.com/zohandco

Fairy Shelfie w/Tutu & Fairy Wand: www.instagram.com/hellopreciousgifts

Grey Timber Treee Stand: www.instagram.com/happeetrees

Chunky Knit Blanket: www.instagram.com/babyroad_booragoon

Play Gym: www.instagram.com/bellabuttercup_

Zig Zag Shelf: www.instagram.com/kids.kulture

Grey Monogrammed Notebook: www.instagram.com/shopnomadic

Pink Tin Pot: www.instagram.com/homli.design

Tooth Products: www.instagram.com/jackandjillkids

Sheep Rocker: www.instagram.com/sacredbundle

Candles, Bath Bombs: www.instagram.com/lunanaturel

Numero74 Canopy: www.instagram.com/hellolittlebirdie

Butterflies and Letter drops: www.instagram.com/littlecustomcreations

Mum & Daughters artwork www.instagram.com/lilylovesluka

Pink Basket: www.instagram.com/lovendilou

Canopy Mobile & Felt Wands: www.instagram.com/chiefthundercloudco

Canopy mobile & felt wand: www.inswww.instagram

Special thanks to Paul for the photography.

Photographer: www.instagram.com/spurlo_stylephotography

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