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You know in the movies where there would be a little girl in a linen nightie running in the garden of a beautiful weatherboard house with a white picket fence and a pink door? You know the one! Well every time I watched those movies I would dream of that exact house and that pink door. So much so, that I tried to convince my husband to let me paint our front door pink, but to my disappointment he won - boo!

Isn't that what every little girl dreams of? Ok maybe not every girl, but the little girl inside of me that never got a cubby house decided you know what, I will live vicariously through my children and build them the cubby house of my dreams lol. No, but seriously, my daughter has wanted a cubby house for so long so we decided to surprise her and build her one for her birthday.

We originally bought a pre-made house, however that option went pear shape so my husband and his friend started to build one for her and I'm so glad we went down that path. We kept it a surprise from her basically until July, the day of her birthday and we gifted her an unfinished cubby house which she still squealed over - a very big difference to the dollhouse reaction (yay).

The most beautiful little cubby house any girl would dream of, including my inner child who's dreamt of a cubby house for very long time because we didn't have this fancy stuff growing up. The only cubby we got was a piece of cloth over the dining table lol. We decided to paint the cubby house the same colour as our house because it is visible from every room downstairs so it had to be aesthetically pleasing even if Miss T disagreed. She had drawn all the colours of the rainbow for each piece of timber Yikes.

This beautiful house comprises of a little lounge area, a similar kitchen to ours except she got the farmhouse sink (did you see the matching tap?) To entertain their friends we have a dining area and an indoor chalk board which converts to a market cafe for outdoor play.

Having a fear of spiders I had to have the house fully plastered just in case. The flooring in the cubby is the same timber as our house. Beautiful sheer curtains finished off the functional windows.

To avoid the house being trashed, I've included a mud kitchen - a pink one of course -at the rear for them to make mud pies and go crazy. So they have the best of both world's without destroying the actual house itself.

Initially we did have a garage planned but after the play room makeover I didn't want to make the same mistake twice and just have a space that was covered and potentially never going to get used so we scrapped that idea and turned the back area into a magical little garden for the girls to have outdoor picnics on the ground like a picnic was intended.

The girls absolutely loved it and I cannot wait to create such amazing memories when our backyard is finished and we get to spend endless hours role playing and just having fun.

Stores listed below. More images can be viewed here

Concept & Styling: Belle Abode

Paint: Dulux

Couch: Adairs

Wallpaper: Rockymountain DecaLs

Curtains: Little Mackie

Tables & Chairs & Almirose Doll: Dreamy Kidz

Timber tea set: Kids Tribe

Pantry & House shelf: MatleeSmall

Timber plaque: Shartruese

Aprons: Bubbabu1

Pantry Pretend food: Aldi Supermarkets

Building decals: Sailah Lane

Food Mixer: Wiggle Piggles

Outdoor bench chair set & Adirondack chair: Hide & Seek Kids

Personalised doormat: Adoremat

Wheelbarrow: Monkey N Moo Shop

Double O chair: Oliver Thomas Children's boutique

Playmat: Milktoothau

Mud Kitchen: Little Hipster Kubby

Fairy garden products: Sisters Dreaming

Timber hamburger: Makemeiconic

Felt food: ChookSheddesigns

Flower arrangements (planter boxes: The Graceful bloom

Market Stand: Littleiando

Floral Bunny: Winnie Flora

Mermaid doll: White cub collective

Heart Lamp: Livly

Door plaque:TLeaf Collections

Photographer: Monkeephoto

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