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Updated: Oct 29, 2019

I am so excited to finally show you all the long awaited pantry reveal. Yes, it has taken so long and for good reason. I wanted to make sure it was completely finished with no loose ends before I was content with it. I also had to collect pieces and then most importantly, I had to make sure it worked for my family as the last thing I wanted was to change it mid year. Safe to say, all of the above were achieved and I am proud of the final result.

Welcome to our Pantry...

There are so many factors about this space that I just love, starting with the wallpaper. I knew I wanted something blue, haha! (not obvious at all) and I knew I wanted to tie in the Hamptons look I have throughout the house and kitchen so it was an easy decision to choose this beautiful wallpaper by BC Magic wallpaper. It was so easy to install, I did it myself without the help of hubby and the overall effect, well you see it! Such a unique statement and brightens up the area so much.

I accessorised the top shelf with some beautiful decor pieces from some extremely talented ladies that just finished the area so well. The top shelf was not going to be used as it was an extra shelf that would otherwise stay empty. This way, it tied in with the rest of the house. I had to add some ginger jars of course. Prints from Sprout Gallery and Hand made Jug from Pmb Ceramics.

It was very important for me to make a decision about containers and jars that would be displayed, as I didn’t want a temporary option that I would later change and without a doubt, I knew Little Label Co would have exactly what I needed. I opted for bamboo and glass for the majority of the pantry items and air tight plastic canisters for all the containers that were to be handled by the kids. I wanted a classic and clean look and the beautiful jars achieved just that. They are of high quality and most importantly air tight and have kept my food fresh.

Salt grinder and toothpicks from Nordic Rooms Australia

we had a close friend custom build a step shelf for the canisters and jars to make them easier to access and fill the space.

To keep the bamboo/natural feel running through the pantry, I chose Rattan lidded baskets I purchased on sale from Pottery Barn factry outlet ( DFO) to keep all refills, condiments and extras hidden in style. I knew this was the right look for me as they are timeless and so sturdy and the lid was perfect to hide all the colourful packages that don’t need to be seen. If you are on a budget, these particular baskets can be quite costly if not on sale, so I have linked a more a budget friendly option from Pottery Barn here or an even cheaper alternative from Target to create the look. They add warmth to the space and look stylish. I labeled them using Little Label Co timber plaques and their white labels in font #21. I also matched a beautiful harvest basket that hangs along the wall, ready for picnics from Maisie & Clare that was filled on the day with beautiful blooms by A Peachy Affair Events.

The most important thing for me when creating this pantry was that it was practical and easy to navigate. Every single product has a place and no loose ends. I categorised things as I regularly use them and positioned them strategically so they are easy to access. I have all extra refills such as pasta, rice, canned food, sauces, noodles etc in 2 big baskets that are organised using clear Kmart containers to keep them neat and I usually do a small stocktake the night before shopping day to top up what is needed. Everybody knows Miss T's obsession with baking and helping me cook, so I dedicated a section just for the kids which contains their favourite Twinkle Sprinkles station and their pink untensils and their very own Mason Cash pink mixing bowl.

Scales from Typhoon Housewares

I had a custom made to size acrylic family calendar to fit above the hanging rail that documents all of our important family events. I opted for a white vinyl to tie in with our labels and keep it subtle and silver hardware to match the rail. (If you would like to enquire about a calendar please email me and I will pass on your details.)

I really enjoyed creating this space and am very happy with the end result. I know you will all want to see a before shot, so here it is, right at the end because it is so so ugly haha! I had snapped this when we moved and while I was still collecting jars and pantry items. Items that now have beautiful bamboo homes lived in cardboard boxes and loose packages on shelves. You can see what a difference everything has made and I couldn't be happier.

I hope you love the pantry as much as I loved styling it. A pantry does not need to be expensive to style. Use what you currently have and create categories to neaten everything up and adding touches of decor goes a long way. I'll see you at the next reveal ;)

I want to dedicate a special thank you to Susie from Light Gloss for capturing these beautiful shots, I love them, thank you!

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