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Updated: Jul 19, 2018

Every Mama’s dream is to see her little one’s smile from ear to ear when they finally gift them something they had nagged about for so long, right? This is how my crazy dollhouse project began.

After many pleads from Miss T to buy her the ‘Instagram’ dolls furniture, I had this little light bulb idea to replicate our home in miniature so the girls can have a piece of home forever. After styling and revealing their rooms, I decide to dedicate some time towards the gorgeous Victorian dollhouse we had and start planning the mini reno. Little did I know then, it wouldn’t be so little.

I contacted a few miniature online stores and started planning the custom pieces that were to be made. With a tight deadline as usual I was pushed for time, so I was very fortunate I had some amazing makers that rushed my requests.

Floorboards were a must, after all it is a replica of our home. Of course I volunteered to do them myself which at the time seemed like a great idea. After the first room, that idea quickly became a burden, but there was no stopping now. Many trips to Bunnings and dirty stained fingernails later, I managed to cut hundreds of pieces of timber, stain them and lay 8 rooms, board by board. Let me tell you, it wasn’t pleasant but the results were rewarding.

Miss T kept hinting things she wanted and I secretly purchased them. I just couldn’t wait for the squeal of happiness when I gave them to her.

Lets just take a moment to touch on the detail on the furniture. Oh-Em-Gee the detail on some of these items were so realistic, my own mother knew I was doing up a dollhouse but still thought it was life size furniture in the pic I sent. The kitchen is so detailed and a mini version of my own. Miss T was sure to love it. Her bedroom, the nursery, and playroom were all identical. Every item handmade, down to the slide and cloud mat. Everything is so cute and teeny. Every girl’s dream.

We were gifting it on Friday morning so Thursday came and as we do, Hubby and I pulled through the night, not a wink of sleep and frantically finished it. feature walls painted, floors glued and furniture set up. We elevated it for easy use and waited patiently for her to wake. For the first time in a long time she decided to sleep in . We discussed the plan to give her the smaller toys first and then the gorgeous dollhouse family I had bought as a plot to get her upstairs to the dollhouse. It was the perfect plan.

She finally woke! YAY! We quickly ran downstairs and went with the plan and before you know, we were upstairs ready to open the dollhouse. The moment we and hundreds of instagram followers anticipated and were so excited for the reaction. She opened the dollhouse. Both hubby and I on our phones to record the squeal. What happened next?

She cried. Yes real tears. I wish they were of happiness, but to our surprise she was actually crying of disappointment. Ha! Her exact words were “I don’t care, this isn’t a gift” and cried. I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh myself and my husband just burst into laughter. I think she expected some bright Barbie pink furniture which would’ve been much cheaper and easier.

What we thought was a dream very quickly became our nightmare. Our little girl was heartbroken. I don’t think she quite understood the whole concept of the replica. I had to sit and explain to her what we had created and only when she saw the playroom she understood it and said she liked it. But I wasn’t convinced. And then I was angry. I had joked all week about the LOL surprise doll taking the limelight and I was right. Her uncle came and gifted her the LOL and she squealed just as I had imagined it, except not for my gift. Now I wish I had bought the damn thing myself. Her uncle was a hero and she wouldn’t stop bragging all day long!

The day went by and guests came and everybody was in awe of this house. She saw the reactions and this is the moment she realised what she had was amazing. I secretly found her playing families in the house many times since that day and even heard her tell a few people how she LOVES her house. So sorry to disappoint you all that came on here to read the reaction hahah but we got there in the end.

Maybe it wasn’t really her dream, but mine. Maybe she’s too young to appreciate it all, but no regrets. I even joked that I would happily take it into my room (which wasn’t really a joke) but seeing her play with it the last few days has brightened my day. She didn’t love it at first sight, but she has definitely learnt to love it and appreciate it. I would love to lie and say I have deleted that reaction from my mind, but it will be eternally etched into my memory. Maybe there is a lesson to take from this, maybe keep things simple next time. And maybe less projects? Yeah right! I will catch you next month for the next reveal, the cubby.

Thank you to all the businesses that put up with my nagging and delivered nothing but the best. Miss T loves your products now, even though the stupid LOL doll took the stage the first day. The novelty died down and the dollhouse wins!












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