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You have all seen those mattress ads that do the wine spill tests right? Well I decided to do my own except without the wine because I don't drink and even if I did, I still wouldn't use one because a white upholstered bed and red wine don't go too well together. After all I've never used the product so I didn't have trust just yet lol (sorry protect a bed)

I waited until morning so that in the event the mattress was to become saturated we still had all day to put it in the sun to dry. I then prepared the area in case of an emergency with my trusted Little Wiwa waterproof mat because my husband would literally have all of our heads on a chopping board (yours included Protect-A-Bed) if our timber boards were ruined.

I sat and thought about how I would do this. would I jump on the bed or do i let the kids jump on the bed just like you see in the ads but again that paranoia in me said no! Play it safe just in case you destroy the whole area. I know I know, I'm a chicken.

I made sure to move all of my cushions and beautiful dolls and got started by writing the words 'yep it's still dry' on a piece of paper and placing it under the mattress protector. This was the ultimate test to see if it leaks or not.

I had quite a lot of water in the glass so I started pouring very slowly on different areas including where the paper was. I won't lie I had a lot of doubt and I could just see myself emailing the company and abusing them. I poured and I sat and waited. At first the water just beaded down the creases and pooled. Then I thought you know what, just do this once and do it properly, whatever happens happens so I poured the rest and patted the water down with my hands to make sure it really got into the fabric and then it was the moment of Truth.

A nervously pulled the piece of paper out....

To my shocking surprise it was 100% dry. I could not believe how such a thin piece of fabric did not leak through?

I have always held off buying a mattress protector because they are so thick and I can't afford to increase the height of my already high mattress. The Protect-A-Bed ticked all the boxes because it was super thin and when I heard it was waterproof, well to be honest I wasn't a believer but I thought it's a bonus if it works.

Not only is the protector soft, comfortable, waterproof and breathable, it is also approved by the eczema association which was a definite winner for my family as my daughter has eczema. The fact that it protects from dust mite, mould and bacteria allergens was even more of a reason to trial it.

As you saw in the video it is definitely an amazing product, especially for those accidental nights

with the little ones, because who wants to get up at 3 a.m. and clean wee? Not me! So if you are on the hunt for a mattress protector that is not only thin and lightweight but also has a high absorbency, then Protect-A-Bed is the one. I vouch for it 100% . Buy it now and thank me later. Oh and if you have a timber bed please, somebody do the jumping on the bed wine test for me! xx

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